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Canadian Ambassador Visits Monaghan

Canadian Ambassador Loyola Hearn and his wife, Maureen, paid a one day visit to County Monaghan on Wednesday, April 25th. He stated at the end of the day that he had a wonderful experience and a very informative day. Thanks to a great programme organised by Willie McKenna there was plenty of variety and the Ambassador had an extensive interest in the places that were included in the programme. It was fascinating to hear the Ambassador speak of the possible links between businesses here and in Canada and the connections are becoming closer and closer. These can bring economic benefits to both Canada and Monaghan and it is important, especially in the troubled times we are in, that these links are encouraged and fostered. Monaghan owes much to the work of Willie McKenna in developing the links and continuing to attract visitors and business interests to the county and then promoting the wealth of talent and enterprise here to those who visit.
The first call for the Ambassador this time was in Carrickmacross where he met town councillors and some county councillors. Then a visit to the Fish Farm of John Connolly at Ballybay and to the Wetlands project, both of which he really enjoyed. After having lunch with County Mayor, Seamus Coyle, the Ambassador was taken to McAree Engineering in Ballinode. This was a real eye opener for him and indeed for myself. The work that is going on there in fantastic and it turned out that the firm has a major input to a company whose headquarters is in Peterboro in Canada. Combi-lift uses the engineering works of McAree and the Ambassador has a detailed knowledge of that company. He also suggested ways by which further contacts can be made between companies in Canada and McAree Eng. Brendan McAree and Peter Richardson gave a very interesting tour.
The next stop was at the new campus on the site of the former Army Barracks, where CEO Martin O’Brien detailed how the project came about and how it is progressing. The innovation and forward thinking which gave birth to the project and has succeeded in getting it to such an advanced stage in record time speaks volumes about the ability of the CEO to make dreams a reality and what Monaghan is getting on that site is truly amazing. It is only when it is operational that the people of this county will realise the unbelievable scope and breadth of its facilities.
The final item on the Ambassador’s programme was a reception by Monaghan Town Council led by Mayor, David Maxwell. Gifts were exchanged and thoughts swapped but the Ambassador praised all he had witnessed during the day and expressed his appreciation to all involved with a promise that he would like to visit again.